Namespace com.docusign.connect0.2.0

Compatible with Concerto versions . Has 16 declarations.

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Declared Types

      import com.docusign.connect.EnvelopeStatusCode from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.RecipientStatusCode from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.TabTypeCode from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.CustomTabTypeCode from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.DocumentType from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.EnvelopeStatus from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.Recipient from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.CustomField from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.TabStatus from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.NumberTabStatus from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.TextTabStatus from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.DateTabStatus from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.BooleanTabStatus from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.ListTabStatus from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.Attachment from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto
      import com.docusign.connect.DocuSignEnvelopeInformation from /docusign/connect@0.2.0.cto



 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.
// requires: concerto-core:<=0.82.11

 * Based on
namespace com.docusign.connect

import org.accordproject.cicero.runtime.Request from
import org.accordproject.binary.BinaryResource from

enum EnvelopeStatusCode {
  o Any
  o Voided
  o Created
  o Deleted
  o Sent
  o Delivered
  o Signed
  o Completed
  o Declined
  o TimedOut
  o Template
  o Processing

enum RecipientStatusCode {
  o Created
  o Sent
  o Delivered
  o Signed
  o Declined
  o Completed
  o FaxPending
  o AutoResponded

enum TabTypeCode {
  o InitialHere
  o SignHere
  o FullName
  o FirstName
  o LastName
  o EmailAddress
  o Company
  o Title
  o DateSigned
  o InitialHereOptional
  o EnvelopeID
  o Custom
  o SignerAttachment
  o SignHereOptional
  o Approve
  o Decline
  o SignerAttachmentOptional
  o DigitalSignature

enum CustomTabTypeCode {
  o Text
  o Checkbox
  o Radio
  o List
  o Date
  o Number
  o SSN
  o ZIP5
  o Email
  o Note
  o Formula

enum DocumentType {
  o Principal
  o CertificateOfCompletion
  o SignerAttachment

concept EnvelopeStatus {
  o EnvelopeStatusCode status
  o String envelopeId optional
  o DateTime created optional
  o DateTime sent optional
  o DateTime delivered optional
  o DateTime signed optional
  o DateTime completed optional
  o DateTime declined optional
  o String email optional

concept Recipient {
  o RecipientStatusCode status
  o String email
  o String userName
  o DateTime sent optional
  o DateTime delivered optional
  o DateTime signed optional
  o DateTime declined optional
  o String declineReason optional
  o TabStatus[] tabStatuses optional

concept CustomField {
  o String name
  o String value

abstract concept TabStatus {
  o TabTypeCode tabType
  o String status
  o String tabLabel
  o String originalValue optional
  o DateTime signed optional
  o CustomTabTypeCode customTabType optional

concept NumberTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String tabName optional
  o Double tabValue optional

concept TextTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String tabName optional
  o String tabValue optional

concept DateTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String tabName optional
  o DateTime tabValue optional

concept BooleanTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String tabName optional
  o Boolean tabValue optional

concept ListTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String[] tabNames
  o String tabValue optional
  o String[] listValues
  o String listSelectedValue optional

asset Attachment extends BinaryResource {
  o DocumentType docType

transaction DocuSignEnvelopeInformation extends Request {
  o EnvelopeStatus envelopeStatus
  o Recipient[] recipients optional
  o CustomField[] customFields optional
  o Attachment[] attachments optional