Namespace com.docusign.connect(0.2.0)

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Declared Types

      import com.docusign.connect.EnvelopeStatusCode from
      import com.docusign.connect.RecipientStatusCode from
      import com.docusign.connect.TabTypeCode from
      import com.docusign.connect.CustomTabTypeCode from
      import com.docusign.connect.DocumentType from
      import com.docusign.connect.EnvelopeStatus from
      import com.docusign.connect.Recipient from
      import com.docusign.connect.CustomField from
      import com.docusign.connect.TabStatus from
      import com.docusign.connect.NumberTabStatus from
      import com.docusign.connect.TextTabStatus from
      import com.docusign.connect.DateTabStatus from
      import com.docusign.connect.BooleanTabStatus from
      import com.docusign.connect.ListTabStatus from
      import com.docusign.connect.Attachment from
      import com.docusign.connect.DocuSignEnvelopeInformation from



 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.
// requires: concerto-core:<=0.82.11

 * Based on
namespace com.docusign.connect

import org.accordproject.cicero.runtime.Request from
import org.accordproject.binary.BinaryResource from

enum EnvelopeStatusCode {
  o Any
  o Voided
  o Created
  o Deleted
  o Sent
  o Delivered
  o Signed
  o Completed
  o Declined
  o TimedOut
  o Template
  o Processing

enum RecipientStatusCode {
  o Created
  o Sent
  o Delivered
  o Signed
  o Declined
  o Completed
  o FaxPending
  o AutoResponded

enum TabTypeCode {
  o InitialHere
  o SignHere
  o FullName
  o FirstName
  o LastName
  o EmailAddress
  o Company
  o Title
  o DateSigned
  o InitialHereOptional
  o EnvelopeID
  o Custom
  o SignerAttachment
  o SignHereOptional
  o Approve
  o Decline
  o SignerAttachmentOptional
  o DigitalSignature

enum CustomTabTypeCode {
  o Text
  o Checkbox
  o Radio
  o List
  o Date
  o Number
  o SSN
  o ZIP5
  o Email
  o Note
  o Formula

enum DocumentType {
  o Principal
  o CertificateOfCompletion
  o SignerAttachment

concept EnvelopeStatus {
  o EnvelopeStatusCode status
  o String envelopeId optional
  o DateTime created optional
  o DateTime sent optional
  o DateTime delivered optional
  o DateTime signed optional
  o DateTime completed optional
  o DateTime declined optional
  o String email optional

concept Recipient {
  o RecipientStatusCode status
  o String email
  o String userName
  o DateTime sent optional
  o DateTime delivered optional
  o DateTime signed optional
  o DateTime declined optional
  o String declineReason optional
  o TabStatus[] tabStatuses optional

concept CustomField {
  o String name
  o String value

abstract concept TabStatus {
  o TabTypeCode tabType
  o String status
  o String tabLabel
  o String originalValue optional
  o DateTime signed optional
  o CustomTabTypeCode customTabType optional

concept NumberTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String tabName optional
  o Double tabValue optional

concept TextTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String tabName optional
  o String tabValue optional

concept DateTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String tabName optional
  o DateTime tabValue optional

concept BooleanTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String tabName optional
  o Boolean tabValue optional

concept ListTabStatus extends TabStatus {
  o String[] tabNames
  o String tabValue optional
  o String[] listValues
  o String listSelectedValue optional

asset Attachment extends BinaryResource {
  o DocumentType docType

transaction DocuSignEnvelopeInformation extends Request {
  o EnvelopeStatus envelopeStatus
  o Recipient[] recipients optional
  o CustomField[] customFields optional
  o Attachment[] attachments optional