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Namespace org.accordproject.cicero.contract

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Declared Types

import org.accordproject.cicero.contract.AccordContractState from
import org.accordproject.cicero.contract.AccordParty from
import org.accordproject.cicero.contract.AccordContract from
import org.accordproject.cicero.contract.AccordClause from


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namespace org.accordproject.cicero.contract

 * Contract Data
 * -- Describes the structure of contracts and clauses

/* A contract state is an asset -- The runtime state of the contract */
asset AccordContractState identified by stateId {
  o String stateId

/* A party to a contract */
participant AccordParty identified by partyId {
  o String partyId

/* A contract is a asset -- This contains the contract data */
abstract asset AccordContract identified by contractId {
  o String contractId
  --> AccordParty[] parties optional

/* A clause is an asset -- This contains the clause data */
abstract asset AccordClause identified by clauseId {
  o String clauseId